Plenary 1 – Strategic empowerment of the continent in the area of security


For several years, the African continent has been facing multidimensional challenges, including violent extremism, which has become the main security issue with its share of civilian victims and its impact on the development of the countries affected. Two factors are negatively influencing this situation: On the one hand, the COVID 19 pandemic, which has led to one of the worst economic on the other hand, the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, whose amplifying effect on the continent’s difficulties complicates the recovery of the affected countries. Multinational responses to the security crisis seem to be reaching their limits. The withdrawal of Operation Barkhane from Mali and the recurrent and multi-faceted criticism of the effectiveness of UN missions, particularly MINUSMA and MINUSCO, are prompting a refocusing on the promotion of endogenous solutions. 

Security on the continent is above all a matter for the African states themselves in their ability to to ensure not only the physical protection of people and of people and property, but also a certain autonomy from external partners. external partners.

The exogenous shocks of recent years have highlighted the vulnerability and dependence of African states. The strategic empowerment of the continent could involve the establishment of a global strategy for collective security and the implementation of a security strategy and the implementation of national structural reforms in the security sector at the national level. structural reforms in the security sector at the national level to strengthen the freedom of action of states and the and the capacities of all actors.


Propose realistic solutions aimed at promoting, in the short and medium term, the strategic autonomy of the African Union and the continent’s regional organizations in the area of security.


Issues to be addressed

  • What strategic orientations for States, the AU and RECs to promote autonomy of the continent in the area of security?
  • What are the funding prospects for AU and RECs peace operations?
  • What is an inclusive approach to curbing the current spread of violent extremism in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  • What role should international partners play in strengthening and promoting stability in Africa?


24 Oct 2022


14h45 - 16h15

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