Leading company in land Defense, ARQUUS is a major actor for the French industry, from vehicle design to support. Thanks to its positioning and offers, it often is at the heart of industrial and technological news. ARQUUS is one of the three members of the short-term consortium to which the French Ministry of Defence awarded the Scorpion contract. ARQUUS is also a major supplier for more than 60 countries in the World. Its development in France and for Export markets is based on an intensive strategy of partnerships. ARQUUS places innovation at the heart of its business model. Thanks to its R&D centers, the company has developed numerous innovations on own equity. These innovations include the fields of robotization and teleoperation.


Making reliable, safe, and sustainable transport available for all in a world of urban growth and digital change – that is one of the main challenges not just for Africa but the world. Working with our customers, we at Bombardier Transportation strive to create high-quality mobility solutions that anticipate the needs of tomorrow while delivering value for customers and passengers today. We never stop moving to keep ideas, people and goods in motion.

Established in South Africa for 23 years, Bombardier is supporting local industry with rolling stock, rail control solutions, product maintenance and services, as well as locomotive and commuter train refurbishment programs. Investing in local manufacturing capacity, training and improving the skills of local employees, and working closely with local suppliers to achieve these objectives.

For Gautrain we have delivered a fleet of 96 state-of-the-art Bombardier ELECTROSTAR vehicles, together with 15-years of maintenance agreement. Working closely with our local Broad-Based Black Empowerment partners, most of the fleet underwent final assembly in South Africa. The ELECTROSTARs, designed for commuter operation, are capable of operating at speeds of up to 160 km/h and the system also features the Bombardier CITYFLO 250 train control technology. Together the Gautrain project created more than 8,200 local direct jobs, and an estimated 44,300 indirect jobs.

As leader of the consortium Bombardier Africa Alliance, we have implemented one of the largest conventional mainline re-signalling projects in Africa, delivering the globally-proven, Bombardier INTERFLO 200 rail control solution for the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA).

Today we are delivering 240 Bombardier TRAXX locomotives for Transnet Freight Rail in South Africa. Each and every locomotive is built in South Africa for South Africa, with final assembly taking place in Durban at Transnet Engineering’s facility. Bombardier’s factory in Isando, Johannesburg produces the leading-edge MITRAC high power propulsion equipment, the car bodies are produced by DCD in Boksburg, and the bogies are produced by Transnet Engineering in Durban.

At Bombardier we cover the full spectrum of rail solutions, ranging from trains to sub-systems and signalling to complete turnkey transport systems, e-mobility technology and data-driven maintenance services. Combining technology and performance with empathy, Bombardier Transportation continuously breaks new ground in sustainable mobility by providing integrated solutions that create substantial benefits for operators, passengers and the environment. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Bombardier Transportation employs around 39,850 people and its products and services operate in over 60 countries.


IN Groupe is a world leader in secure identification solutions. IN Groupe operates across the entire identification value chain, from components to services; and serves as a trusted third party. It is one of the few players offering comprehensive solutions to national governments, agencies, and companies to make our society more secure. The group protects the identities and rights of citizens, ensuring the reliability and security of data, se­curing electronic identification by connecting it with a unique and authentic identity.

IN Groupe, manufacturer and state operator, offers support to each state in deploying a biometric ID-card complying with ECOWAS specifications. The Group’s numerous references on the African continent enables IN Groupe to implement the ICAO standards (biometric passports, identity cards, residence permits) along with eIDAS. As well as the identity card, the group has the experience of deploying solutions for identity data collection, issuance of sovereign titles and border controls, in order to meet the needs of the modernization of states.

The technologies deployed by IN Groupe have benefited from major investments in Research and Development to guarantee states, ‘state of the art’ in terms of official documents.


Established for more than 20 years in West Africa and Egypt, the French cement group, VICAT is committed to supporting Senegal and the States of the Sub-Region in the context of development, peace and security programmes.

Construction is a strong vector of development. Through its cement plants and industrial installations, VICAT contributes to the local development of resources and the development of employment. The continent's demographic and economic dynamism is generating a new urban revolution, a need for housing that is accessible to the greatest number of people and infrastructure. VICAT responds to these needs by developing African constructive solutions that meet the criteria of both sustainable construction and environmental preservation.

VICAT's aim is to be a partner of African decision-makers and to jointly provide answers to the major challenges facing the continent. Peace and security are among them, which is why the Group has supported the Dakar Forum since its inception.

The VICAT Group in a few words……

A French cement group established in 11 countries, VICAT employs nearly 8,460 people and has a consolidated turnover of more than 2.6 billion euros, 65% of which is generated internationally.

The VICAT Group develops a high-performance offer of materials, products and services adapted to the constant evolution of the construction industry.

Wherever it is established, VICAT is committed to the development of territories, local employment, respect for the environment and cultivates long-term relationships of trust with its customers and partners.

RBH 250x250

RBH Industrie introduces a multipurpose truck for West Africa

Established in 2004, RBH Industrie re-engineers military trucks for civilian use. In 2007, the French state approved the company’s 4x4 ROLLAND TRUCKS RBH. Reputed as a French OEM, RBH Industrie bases its entire strategy on circular economy: remanufacturing, compliance with standards and improving the performance of heavy and light vehicles. In 2015, Laurence Rolland, daughter of founder Jean-Pierre Rolland, took over RBH Industrie which has since then redeployed and industrialized the initial project in just three years.

Based on the famous SUMB (Simca Unic Marmon Bocquet) truck’s kinematics, the ROLLAND TRUCKS RBH 4x4 has inherited its reliability and legendary crossing capacities.

The vehicle offers a complete range adapted to the needs of emerging countries: transportation of people and goods, mechanical workshops, mobile medical units, tank trucks, etc.

ACD (Afrique Conception Distribution) and MLS (Management Lead Services), a stakeholder of RBH Industrie, are establishing a company in Senegal that will market the vehicle all over West Africa. To this end, the following will be implemented:

  • an assembly and remanufacturing plant for RBH trucks;
  • a maintenance and services unit;
  • a spare parts platform.
ACD 250x250

The trusted partner for your medical equipment needs

Founded in 2004 by the dynamic Assyetou Cassé DIOUM, Afrique Conception Distribution (ACD) specializes in the sale of medical transport equipment (ambulance canoes, ambulances and ambulances equipped with advanced equipment). ACD is also involved in medical-technical equipment with the supply of dialysis equipment and medical equipment in general.

Indeed, Afrique Conception Distribution provides its customers with a technical studies service to support them in their equipment projects and help them make the best possible choices by integrating the imperatives of productivity and profitability to protect their investments.

ACD also provides its customers with a regular supply of equipment goods and spare parts and / or consumables within delivery times and according to costs studied according to the situation of each customer and its requirements.

Finally, ACD provides its customers with optimal operation of their equipment through its maintenance policy that includes preventive maintenance and curative maintenance.

For its development and to better satisfy the customer, ACD has undertaken the construction of a factory for assembly of ambulances and other commercial vehicles in the Urban Pole of Diamniadio on an area of ​​30,000 m2. It also began the assembly of another unit with the manufacturer RBH Industrie.

 With ACD, equip yourself with confidence!


Airbus, civil aviation

In the mid-1970s, Africa was the first export market for Airbus's very first commercial jetliner, the A300. Since then, Airbus has become synonymous with air travel to, from and on Africa with more than 243 Airbus aircraft currently being flown by more than 30 African operators across the continent. Over the past four years Airbus achieved an average 66% market share in terms of new aircraft sales in Sub-Saharan Africa. Customers in the region account for over 263 orders.

Tactical and Military Transport Aircraft

Airbus tactical military transport and special missions aircraft are widely represented on the continent with over 90 aircraft (42 C212s, 14 CN235s and 34 C295s) ordered by 18 African nations by the end of 2016. Of these, 86 have been delivered to air forces and government agencies in Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Congo, Egypt, Gabon, Lesotho, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The Egyptian Air Force is the largest operator with 21 C295s in service and three on order.


There are currently over 601 Airbus helicopters currently in service throughout Africa, accounting for 30% of the continent’s current operating fleet. Of these, 30% are military helicopters with the majority 70% providing a range of civil roles including law enforcement, air ambulance search & rescue, anti-poaching, infrastructure inspection, tourism and corporate missions.

Space, Satellites, Security, Intelligence and Telecoms

Airbus’ Defence and Space division is recognised as a world leader in geo-information, owing to its sophisticated geo-intelligence portfolioIts services and solutions are as versatile as the requirements of its growing network of African customers, which are primarily governments and institutions engaged in research, planning and policy formation. ..
Airbus‘earth observation satellites provide vital data for land administration, border management, infrastructure surveillance, food and water security, disaster management, fisheries and livestock preservation in addition to climate and environment monitoring and analysis.


Corsair, a regularly scheduled airline specializing in long-haul flights, is a subsidiary of the TUI FRANCE group, a leading provider of travel and tourism services in France.

Corsair operates in four major geographical areas with scheduled services to North America (Canada), Africa (Senegal, Mali and Côte d'Ivoire), the Indian Ocean (Reunion Island, Mauritius, Mayotte and Madagascar) and the Caribbean (Cuba, Martinique and Guadeloupe).

Corsair operates a fleet of seven wide-body aircraft produced by two manufacturers: Airbus and Boeing. Following the introduction of Business class on all aircraft, Corsair offers a high-quality service, combined with an excellent level of comfort as part of a personalized flight experience for all Business class passengers, while maintaining the Premium Grand Large class, and an Economy class, with an Eco+ enhanced comfort zone.

 Corsair has shared in the airline industry’s strong growth this year, including by expanding its African network with four flights per week to Abidjan, up to seven flights to Dakar, and two flights to Bamako Corsair has been asked by the Senegalese authorities to withdraw from the route to make way for a new national airline in Senegal, but will continue to operate daily flights to Dakar until 31 January 2019.

Corsair's ambition is to boost trade, make air transport a popular choice and open up air travel to more people by offering flights at highly competitive prices with a quality product positioning. The airline has been strongly committed to this goal since it first began operating in West Africa.


OCEA is a French shipyard specialized in design, shipbuilding and support of aluminium vessels up to 85 meters.

To meet the requirements of our customers, in charge of the management and the security of the Exclusive Economic Zone, we developed a competitive and innovative comprehensive offer dedicated to their Maritime Safety and Security missions.

Since the delivery in 2016 to the Senegalese Navy of the Fouladou, 58 m Offshore Patrol Vessel “OCEA OPV 190”, OCEA delivered to the Nigerian Navy four 24m fast patrol boats “OCEA FPB 72 MKII”, and two 35m patrol boats “OCEA FPB 110 MKII” in 2017 and 2018.

This achievement confirms the OCEA’s leading position in supplying reliable, cost-effective and low CO2 emission solutions to African countries.


MBDA, an integrated European company, founding member of the Dakar Forum, is once again a partner in this fifth edition devoted to strategic issues of sustainable development and stability.

MBDA stands with all those who are threatened in their security and autonomy. Our “raison d'être” is to provide the armed forces with decisive military capabilities and sovereignty. Our Group brings together talents and skills to offer its domestic and export countries the most efficient missile solutions, guaranteeing a military and technological advantage at controlled costs and risks in a multinational cooperation framework.

This reference meeting for security actors in Africa brings together in a single space of policies, a large delegation of French parliamentarians involved in defense and security issues and representatives of the civilian world, including experts in the field of security, specialists in contemporary African politics, in an informal framework of exchanges, will make it possible to emerge new approaches in the politics of defense, safety and development and will confirm the relevance of a strategic dialogue between the private and state actors which work together for the development , Peace and security on the African continent.


Founded 150 years ago, Groupe Marck is a French, family-owned, industrial group which designs and sells uniforms and equipment solutions, to administrations and private businesses in France and worldwide. Relying on its experience and on its subsidiaries, the Group has gained and developed its expertise in technical textiles and in delivering associated services, thanks to its unique know-hows in the development and manufacturing of uniforms, headdresses, trimmings (know-how which received the Living Heritage distinction), and personnel protection equipment.

The Groupe Marck also offers global solutions (equipment, maintenance, consulting) for the equipment of contingents participating in UN peacekeeping operations (OMP Solutions).


TRACIP pioneered  and is the leading French data recovery & digital forensic lab and the reference of the French institutions in the field of Security, Defense and Justice in the fight against cybercrime.

Its know-how in the creation of digital investigation, data recovery and DNA labs enabled TRACIP to provide turnkey solutions incl. audit, equipment, training and support for government agencies.


Safran is an international high-technology group, operating in the aircraft propulsion and equipment, space and defense markets.

Safran has a global presence, with more than 58,000 employees worldwide, and logged sales of 16.5 billion euros in 2017. Comprising a number of companies, Safran holds, alone or in partnership, world or European leadership positions in its markets. Safran undertakes extensive Research & Development programs to keep pace with its fast-evolving markets, including expenditures of 1.4 billion euros in 2017.

In February 2018, Safran took control of Zodiac Aerospace, significantly expanding its aircraft equipment activities. Together with Zodiac Aerospace, Safran has more than 91,000 employees and would have around €21 billion in adjusted revenue (pro forma 2016).

HEC Paris’ is opening their first hub in Central and West Africa, a new office in Abidjan.

The coming months will see HEC Paris’ Central and West African office, which I have the honour of directing, open its doors in Abidjan. Our goal is to offer directors and managers from both the private and the public sector high-quality training programs that take their unique, environmental challenges into account. Our hub in Abidjan promises to gather executives and civil servants from several surrounding regions (Senegal, Cameroon, Gabon, Nigeria, Benin among others) in order to build bridges and discover Pan-African solutions to the continent’s challenges.

According to a report carried out by the United Nations, the African population will have risen from 1 to 1.6 billion by 2030. Today those under 25 already make up 64% of the continent’s population. The long term aim is to make future graduates of HEC Paris true agents of development and change in their respective countries. Although the training programs are targetted at those with the power to make economic and political decisions, their impact will in fact be far-reaching, affecting members of all social strata. There is an urgent need for our leaders to design educational policies that train and integrate these future talents into the workforce. Training and education are the most effective ways of reducing brain drain. HEC Paris moves to the continent in the hopes of promoting and contributing to the pursuit of knowledge.

By Alexis John Ahyee – Director of HEC Paris’ Central and Western African Office

CIAN (Conseil français des investisseurs en Afrique)

Founded in 1979, CIAN is a French association of private companies who operate on the African continent. It has over 170 members (80% of the volume of French business in Africa). CIAN has three main roles. It is a place for discussion between members and networking. It also offers expertise and the opportunity to share experiences and best practices. It runs several technical committees on transverse subjects such as legal, safety, CSR, fighting corruption, health etc. Finally, CIAN has influence with public and private stakeholders involved in the development of Africa.


SNCF is a global leader in passenger and freight transport services, with revenue of €33.5 billion in 2017, of which one-third on international markets. With 270,000 employees in 120 countries, SNCF draws on its foundations in French rail and its extensive experience as an architect of transport services.

It aims to become the benchmark for mobility and logistics solutions in France and worldwide.

SNCF has six core businesses:

  • SNCF Réseau (management and operation of the French rail network);
  • commuter transport (mass transit in the Paris region, TER regional rail, and Keolis in France and worldwide);
  • long-distance rail (TGV inOui, Ouigo, Intercités, Eurostar, Thalys, Ouibus and more, and ticket sales through;
  • SNCF Gares & Connexions (station management and development);
  • SNCF Logistics (freight transport and logistics worldwide with Geodis, Fret SNCF and Ermewa)
  • and SNCF Immobilier (management and optimization of SNCF property and land assets).



Since its creation in 1997, SOFRECAP has specialized in Sub-Saharan Africa with a presence or an establishment in 15 countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, DR Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Chad, Togo.

SOFRECAP has a sound knowledge of the territory thanks to its involvement in the capital of several African societies and to its agents, consultants and interpersonal contacts of the higher level, which allows it to help companies to realize their projects in this area of the world, which is a real land of prospects and business with an enormous potential for growth.


TRADE without any domain restriction, but with specifications in Personal Protective Equipment, administrative accessories and transports.

TEXTILE CONFECTION with a factory in Ivory Coast and several partnerships in Tunisia, Chad and Burkina Faso.

CREATION OF TEXTILE FACTORIES, with 5 creations or refurbishing of textile confection factories in Chad, in Burkina Faso, in Ivory Coast, in Senegal & in Mali.


Naval Group is the European leader in naval defence. As an international high-tech Company, Naval Group uses its extraordinary know-how, unique industrial resources and capacity to arrange innovative strategic partnerships to meet its customers' requirements. The Group designs, builds and supports submarines and surface ships. It also supplies services to shipyards and naval bases. In addition, the group offers a wide range of marine renewable energy solutions. Attentive to corporate social responsibilities, Naval Group adheres to the United Nations Global Compact. The group reports revenues of €3.7 billion and has a workforce of 13,429 (data for 2017)


Reference operator of the ministry of the armed forces for the international transfer of the French military know-how to France friendly countries armed forces, DCI group has been operating across all the defence and security spectrum for more than 45 years.

Holding the “French Armed Forces Training” label, DCI is offering tailor-made services in the fields of consulting, training and technical assistance.

DCI group has its headquarters in Paris with several sites all over the national territory. It also has permanent offices abroad, in particular in the Middle East and in Asia.

DCI is continuing to expand internationally with innovative, high added-value services through the development of new partnerships.


Nexter, a company of KNDS Group, the European leader in land defense, is happy to be a partner of this 5th edition of the Dakar International Forum.

The most recent feedback on external operations confirm the relevance of Nexter’s solutions. The Group develops and manufactures a range of equipment from armored combat vehicles to artillery systems, arms and robots, as well as ammunition and digital solutions. Our active commitment  and support to the French forces, notably via the deployment of the Armored Infantry Combat Vehicle (VBCI) as well as 4 wheel drive highly protected armored vehicle ARAVIS® in Central Africa, testifies of its capacity to create and support equipment tailored to Africa’s extremely difficult conditions.

Nexter Group, as an architect and systems integrator, draws on its employees’ excellence and know-how to propose world renowned innovations in land defense systems. Thus, Nexter is a creator of references in the defense industry and is willing to provide Africa with it entire skill range in terms of land defense systems (such as the artillery system CAESAR® or the multirole armored vehicle TITUS®), naval assets (the NARWHAL® remote control turret) and aerial applications (PODNC 621, SH20).

All situations, from peace-keeping missions under the banner of the United Nations to highly intense (counter-terrorism) missions with African coalitions, Nexter has proved to be a strategic partner for all armed forces.


With 90 000 people on the five continents, SUEZ is a world leader in smart and sustainable resource management. We provide water and waste management solutions that enable cities and industries to optimize their resource management and strengthen their environmental and economic performances, in line with regulatory standards. To meet increasing demands to overcome resource quality and scarcity challenges, SUEZ is fully engaged in the resource revolution. With the full potential of digital technologies and innovative solutions, the Group recovers 17 million tons of waste a year, produces 3.9 million tons of secondary raw materials and 7 TWh of local renewable energy. It also secures water resources, delivering wastewater treatment services to 58 million people and reusing 882 million m3 of wastewater. SUEZ generated total revenues of €15.9 billion in 2017


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