For the past 5 years, the Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security has become a key event for decision-makers in Africa.

As a member of the Dakar Club, one will belong to a network of committed actors for the stabilization of the continent. Each participant has a voice, whether he/she is a political decision-maker, senior official, business leader or a member of an international organization. Within the Forum, a lighter protocol allows direct meetings between all Club members. Formal and informal meetings are set up and available to all partners.

During 2 days, the highlights will focus on substantive work and networking: plenary sessions, thematic workshops, moments of conviviality, presentations of the partners.

While Africa is experiencing unprecedented development and has now some of the most dynamic economies in the world, the Dakar International Forum elaborates responses to the security threats facing Africa. As a partner of the Dakar International Forum, one will belong to a community that is mobilized to respond to these issues in a collaborative way.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, you can send an email to :


For any question regarding the Forum, please contact us by email using the contact form below